Unconditional acceptance

from your birth, and even before that, it is important that there is an energy around you is of unconditional acceptance and love. As yet unborn soul lets you feel every negative emotion or happen and that beat you on in your cells. As you might have in the world gives you the feeling that you are not wanted and that will affect your life continue to be ï. Then it comes to hold on to your standing there then in a world where a lot of criticism on each other. The other seems to be a wait until you know stumbles or does something wrong, because that gives him or her feel better. There is so much uncertainty in the world, that it is sometimes difficult to discern whether the uncertainty of yourself or of the other. Misunderstanding it seems like people just to prove to others updating itself: look how well I do this, that means that I am good! We strive for continuous acceptance and appreciation of others, because in our own system that often not really tasty. That uncertainty causes a lot of lack of understanding for each other and about each other. It may very well be that you want to do something with all the good intentions, but that the other does not correctly interpret this. Then do you get stench for thanks and a big fat disappointment. Another consequence may be that you do something the next time anymore and you withdraw more in your own world. Own experience I speak from experience, that is evident, because I myself have burned my fingers also regularly. I am quite excited and present and I will quickly want to help or want to contribute something from my desire to do something good. I am not always diplomatic, but I know it comes from a good heart without malicious intent. What I so regret that more looks at the words and behavior, not to the heart’s desire what is actually behind it. Shouldn’t all the annoying words and behavior to pick up, but it is good if you better is going to look at the background and motives of a person. Some people are very keen just attention, cuddled, but actually prefer to express themselves precisely as if they want the opposite. We are socially awkward and bad can express what we really want. This also has to do with our society and the standards and values that we use in dealing with each other. You’re going to not just ask for a hug. Also answer you always positive to the question often ‘ how are you? ‘, while you don’t feel.Criticism I have by now learned to stay closer to myself, without my enthusiasm and will to good to do to lose. I try to do more from now own strength and to draw others not dependent on me. It’s about you from your own core are busy and you don’t have to in all the curves over backwards to you to prove to the other. Everyone has to add something amazing in the world, something unique, something unique. As long as you are aware, but here you can also easier to deal with criticism from others who are still in their own pain. Criticism often says a lot about the other and often less about yourself. If you feel misunderstood, visit what’s for les of has to be learned. Maybe you could easier slide away from you if you know that the other is going through a process. That doesn’t mean you have to accept everything, absolutely not, but there are limits and that you may specify. As long as there is from integrity acted, it doesn’t matter how someone is. Ultimately, we all want the same, where we shall be entitled: unconditional acceptance.

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