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The verhaalMargaret

Tate (a great fun role of Sandra Bullock) is chef at a publishing house. You can compare her with Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada: its employees are terrified of her and using chat program’s is passed when Margaret arrives on the editors. Andrew (beautiful man Ryan Reynolds) is her assistant, but only because he wants to be ultimately chef. He is her prefer off and that seems to happen when the Canadian Margaret hears that her passport has expired and she gets deported to Canada. To save her Bacon announces she is engaged and soon to that they get married … with Andrew! He agrees, but he stunned some requirements to Margaret: she needs on her knee to ask him to marry ë n and he wants they are script reads. The Aliens Police believes Margaret and Andrew not and keeps them closely. So Andrew and Margaret should make every effort to come across as a couple in love… Review: The Proposal normally I ignore strategic films in which Sandra Bullock plays. In addition to that the movies often far too sweet juicy, I find her game often irritating and meaningless. With mixed emotions I went therefore to this movie. The story appealed to me and two hours to Ryan Reynolds look is definitely not punishment, but had to é the other lead role Sandra Bullock well press play?ConclusieNa seeing the film, I can actually say but é é n thing: Sandra needs to stop with that sweet juicy roles and play now bitches! What a great role, she starred in this movie and she plays Margaret quite convincing. The chemistry between Ryan and Sandra varicose of the screen and the jokes follow one another at a fast pace on. as with movies like this is to be expected, you’ll see the end of far arrive, but the sharp jokes, fun characters and funny story that quite right. The other characters are not very strong worked out, but it’s nice to Betty White (é n é of the Golden Girls) to see again in a movie.

 Review: The Proposal what the movie might be predictable, and the story is of course not very fancy, but the chemistry between Sandra and Ryan is so very strong that the lesser points at all more noticeable.Nice detail: in the film Ryan Reynolds Sandra Bullock plays a Canadian and an American. In reality it is just Ryan a Canadian and is Sandra born American. The Proposal is from 18 June to see in Dutch cinemas.

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