Dvd: Blindness

In a busy city, in the middle of a chaotic crowds, hits a man suddenly lost his eyesight. It soon becomes apparent that the blindness is contagious: in no time be countless people victim of the ‘ ‘ white disease. For fear of an epidemic takes hold in the Government rigorously; all be blind in an old, abandoned hospital posted and to fend for themselves. Soon the situation runs out of control here. The eye doctor (Mark Ruffalo) who ends up in the hospital if first, try to create a more or less organized society ë ren. Nevertheless, breaks the chaos from: there are groups formed with each other for food packages, the women give themselves for food and the men let this far: the nasty atmosphere is clearly about.    DVD: Blindness But not Blindness more offers. The Director seems to have been completely fixated on the atmosphere and the decor. The film begins in a big busy city, then we see a dilapidated hospital that is quite soiled by the blind residents and at the end we get again the big city for our choosing, but now silent and deserted. This is strongly reminiscent of a typical horror movie. The same set up, only large amounts of blood are missing. Original storyline and character development, ISO 3166-2 codes are shortchanged. None of the characters possess a name, but symbolize different types. Thus, the wife of the ophthalmologist (Julianne Moore) as a hero to the front. As the only non-blind, she is the designated person to stay organized. The wife takes not only care for her husband in itself; She feels responsible for the entire blind community. Brave she comes on for the weaker group and thus increases the chance of survival.

 DVD: cover_150 .jpeg Blindness Blindness shows how a society from a zero point always is formed. Are there any agreements with the reality, that is undeniable. How extreme these also are shown. BlindnessRegie: MeirellesEAN 8713045214982

:   price: 16.99 Fernando

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