Freelancer are in times of crisis?

” I think you have the balls have to go freelancing. ” This said a colleague last against me and that comment got me to thinking. The freedom of no boss above you, of your own time, ‘ ‘ no can say against a job where you don’t have time for or who might not be as good for you … that’s where many women dream of.

 170609_150 .jpeg Freelancer are in times of crisis? Now I own work experience and a network of professionals around me. But is that enough? What should you do to start as a freelancer? And where do you extra to think in this crisis time?

Duizendpoot of course you are good in your own box; the products or services you want to offer. But you also need a real jack of all trades are. All of a sudden you are solely responsible for your purchases, sales, communication, administration and financial ë n. Fortunately, with a little good will to learn everything. And what you do not want or can learn, you spent from

to another professional.

to start OndernemingsplanOm as a freelancer (computers), it is also smart to make a business plan or plan of action. To guide you to send yourself and regularly evaluate whether you’re on the right track. If you then also have your registration at the Chamber of Commerce and the tax authority settled, you can get started.

 170609_250 .jpeg Freelancer are in times of crisis? economic recession Freelancing in itself is a leap of faith of uncertainty. And the economic situation makes it any better on. Or though…? The economy drives for an important part on freelancers. Organizations and companies concentrate on their core tasks and for specialized search commands they experienced, flexible people.Because companies can lay off workers, cut back they not always at ë le financial problems initially on temporary workers and freelancers. Work that was first contracted out, should once again be performed by internal staff. That rate is already created. But in the end will also cut back permanent employees be fired. And because the work yet to be done, are freelancers hired.

specialty 170609_250 .jpeg Freelancer are in times of crisis? what it may sound contradictory, but this situation outlines the space out there for freelancers is. Freelancers are also in economic crisis so definitely need. Or j ú ist needed. But please note that in these times, the demand for freelancers with an original, unique approach large.

so make sure you have a specialty. That can be anything: a midwife who specializes in making fun-echo’s, a coach who helps organizations with clean up and organize, an organizer of events, which in these times for example can respond to budget outings for companies. Home Bandenplak who come to your bicycle repair, copywriters who specialize in writing about é n é specific topic. In Short; make sure you add something unique with your freelance business.

job or career?Freelancers are generally better able to respond to new opportunities and threats. They have experience in dealing with uncertainty and are used to invest in their own capital of knowledge, skills and contacts. So ‘ n   entrepreneurial attitude in the long run perhaps even offers more security than a job. Because the job for life consists almost no more. Oh well … eventually is not your job, but for your career!

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