Win: Prize Package The Proposal!

marry your insufferable boss, because it forces you. It happens to Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) in The Proposal. His boss Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) threatens to be expelled from the country because her passport has expired. The only possibility of being able to continue, is marrying an American. To the aliens police in their love into believing, they need the loving couple hang out. And that is not easy. (Read the extensive review here.)

 win WIN: prize package The Proposal! The Proposal may give away prize packages:-1 x with a watch, with a ‘ ‘ deposed diamonds dial & 2 free tickets-3 x The Proposal-a super cute Keychain & 2 vrijkaartenOm chance to win this prize, you need the following question answered correctly.The contest will run until 30 June 2009. By participating in the giveaway, you automatically sign up for the weekly newsletter from var article_id = 1636; var question = ” what country is bitch Margaret Tate in the movie come? ” ; var answer1 = ” Netherlands ” ; var answer2 = ” Panama ” ; var answer3 = ” France ” ; var answer4 = ” Canada ” ;

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