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the enemy: a thick, golden yellow, shiny fries with a hefty dollop of creamy mayo.The Lifesaver: an equally delicious cone Aviko Frid é ale with a good dollop of frites sauce.The advantage: 150 calorie ë n less than an ordinary p (300 to 450 kcal), 9 grams less fat (12 versus 21 grams), 6 grams less saturated fat (1 to 7 grams) and a saving of 55 kcal on the sauce (148 kcal opposite 93 kcal per tablespoon). (Source:  worry-free the enemy: a delicious, thick bar of milk chocolate.The Lifesaver: dark chocolate.The advantage: Ok melkchocaholic é, it’s for a little getting used to, but if you try it a few times is ‘ ‘ black chocolate sooooooo tasty. And the benefits are there plenty. Except that over 70% cocoa chocolate with much less fat, lowers the blood pressure  . In all fairness, we must add that that is if you only é é n such a small block takes. Anyway: If you like it then still moves against your inner urge, then prefer


 worry-free the enemy: Ü bervers Magnum.De groooooooooot ice cream whipped cream ice cream or another such as a lifesaver: whipped cream ice cream light of Duke. Or, favorite here at Solero! A too tasty fruit ice cream containing a kind of ice cream. But then secretly of yogurt. The advantage: Duke whipped cream ice cream light contains 50 percent less calorie ë n! And Solero is a nice big ice cream (in statue Magnum), but contains only 99 kcal! Da’s even more enjoy.

the enemy: a thick, greasy hamburger with mayo, curry and all the trimmings.The Lifesaver: a just as delicious, but healthier bun Burger.The advantage: less fat, more fiber and less calorie ë n, a saturated feeling! Trek?

the recipe below!

Hamburger: 330 kCal.; 11 grams of fat, including 7 grams unsaturated. Without cheese: 275 kCal.; 8 grams of fat, including 6 grams unsaturated. 2 persons: 2

Brown bolletjes2 à 75 grams 1 large tart spikelets flesh tomato 2 slices mellow 30 cheese 1 onion, chopped 1 large cucumber pickle or half, lengthwise sliced tomato ketchup 1 tbsp olive oil  worry-free salt & pepper

cut the spheres open and put them in the preheated oven (about 180 degrees). Sprinkle the tart spikelets, which you can tailor ‘ ‘ roll with a rolling pin so that they fit well on your buns, with salt and pepper and spread with a brush on some olive oil . bake the tart n ‘ three minutes in a spikelet as Grill Pan. Siege the sandwiches with the remaining Tartar ingredients ë

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