Rianne Verwoert-Wedding (s)

The verhaalMarieke is over the moon as her boyfriend Rick her a proposal does. Her life simply can’t anymore! Ricks friend Dave, however, come up with a story: he has seen him with another woman, a beautiful blonde. Marieke is trying to ignore this, however; her Rick would really never cheating!

 Rianne Verwoert-Wedding (s) adopts a new shop As they help in the person of Anouk, saves the doubt still far. Anouk tells a story where Mary is very much in control. If they then a strange mobile number in Ricks shirt and a lingerie set is concerned that its way too big, the mayhem. What now?

With girl friends on a weekend out and Marieke there pulls together they decide to call the unknown number. One Valerie takes up; who says never to have heard of Rick. She needs to believe that? Of the é n é thing leads to another and then it Rick who suddenly at Marieke story comes pick …

And?Fidelity (and) is chick lit pur sang. Somewhat superficial characters, a simple story line that you see the punch line coming from a great distance and a matching bright pink cover with a happy girl. é Clich s that fans of this genre only too happy to take for granted; you know ahead of time where you’re getting into!

Outside that reads this chick lit very easily and fast path, because the language is not too difficult. The story of Marieke is apparent: totally happy and in love, but still a tad uncertain, worried that all this can be simply wiped out. Also feel that bubbles up if there is evidence popping up on it (can) indicate that your friend there pursues another-anger alternating with intense grief-we can fully imagine. visit   how can you this ie well?!

Wedding (and) is a delicious girls book, especially with the summer holidays at the prospect. He is not so thick, so bring in your fine (fixed overpacked) case. Enjoy it on the beach, under an umbrella with a fresh snack  Rianne Verwoert-Wedding (s) l!

Wedding (s) is the second chick lit writer Sarah Verwoert after rather not in love. However, she already finished her next book Match?!, that in november this year in stores will be. Rianne keeps us informed via Twitter of its claims.

VerwoertISBN 9059774132Prijs Wedding

(s): 11, 95Uitgeverij: Rianne: summer & Kabir

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