Young women by debt star

the majority of Brits who become bankrupt, are currently women younger than 24! This reports the   Daily Mail online. The reason they come, is often succumb to the temptation to extreme expenditure to luxury goods. Following the lead of, yup, ‘ role models ‘ Paris and Vic. Unfortunately, they have the same hole in the hand, but often not the ë financial funds at their disposal, which have their great examples. And so money is borrowed to buy expensive designerkleding   to things like  . Against a hefty interest of course …

 young women guilt by star Extreme shopping is not the only reason for the fact that women are in the debt work. Also their desire to be independent and independently ensures that women are more likely to hit broke than men. We ladies go live on ourselves and so we have previously been on earlier age (too) high monthly costs. When they lose their jobs or get higher charges, not pulling them financially. The men usually remain longer live with MOM and pop. In order to burden you with some figures: 1560 women younger than 24 are declared bankrupt last year, compared with 1250 men of that age.

not so a bad idea so of those men for some to stay longer at Daddy and Mommy paste …

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