Filled baguette from the oven

cooking is wonderful, but there are situations where you are not so much feel like it. Whether it is after a hot day (then a plate hot food not the first thing on your mind), or if you only eat. This baguette is an idea in any situation. It is a simple and quick dish and within 25 minutes you will have a nice meal.

What do you need? (for 1 filled French bread) 1 for baked French bread (about 50 cm)  Filled baguette from the oven 350 gr kaas1 uitje1 tomatenpuree150 gehakt1 small can grams grated clove knoflook3 tablespoons sweet soy spices: salt, pepper, paprika, oregano

How do you make it?Before you start cooking it is convenient to the oven to heat about 200 advance for º C (º heteluchtover 180 C). Cut the French bread and hollow out both halves open. Please note, hollow the not quite up on the scab off, there should be a layer of bread are left. Fry the mince then loose along with a chopped outing. Then add the garlic, paprika and oregano and cook it briefly. Finally, add the tomato paste and soy sauce far. Then take the pan from the heat and mix the grated cheese through the mince mixture and fill your

both bread halves with the minced meat.

do you love melted cheese? Sprinkle cheese over the bread was before you put them in the preheated oven stops. Bake the pastries for about 10 minutes.

preparation time: about 25 minutes

 160609_250 .jpeg Filled baguette from the oven Variation/tipsHet baguette you can also substitute items per pack. Would you like to make some healthier roll? Choose Brown French bread and 20-or 30-plus cheese. This recipe, you can of course also at the lunch food. It fills well and that is ideal for when you have a long day ahead!

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