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Bottle stopper

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very cosy!

 Wine-gadgets! KurkentrekkerEen corkscrew sounds so logical and simple, but anyone who has desperately jerking off and pulling on a reluctant bottle know that the world is not so simple to put together. The most important thing when the corkscrew is the screw. Look for the buy or the screw a little notch in the Cork, so he has easy runs. Also a two-stage-corkscrew is easy: the Cork is pulled in two stages from the bottle.

 Wine-gadgets! Carafea carafe filled with wine is not only very chic, it is also useful. Some reds are still young and have sturdy tannins, the fabrics that a bitter taste to it. By them a few hours ahead of time in a carafe to pour, the wine is softer and more aromatic. Wine with a depot, like a nice port, should be careful to be redone in a carafe. The depot remains in the bottle, the port goes into the


 Wine-gadgets! WijnglazenEen few good wine glasses are worth the investment. A set of glasses for red wine, white wine and a set for a larger battle, are the minimum equipment in your kitchen cabinet. Glass without base, the so-called French bistro glasses, are very suitable for water to drink or arrange flowers in from, but not to drink wine. Crystal glasses on a nice foot

on the other hand, are fine.

 jpeg digitaal_150. Wine-gadgets! tastevins Wine thermometers, wine thermometer, special aprons and booklets to the wine inventory in to track: very thoughtful gifts. They are not very practical. Take the wine thermometer: that can be used to determine temperature of a perfect pour cellar treasure. Unfortunately, the wine shortly after pouring all

a different temperature.

 Wine-gadgets! Cooling jacket To your white wine or ros é also outside the refrigerator to keep nice and cold, you pull him a jacket. A Cool Coat that is! The Cool Coat consists of two layers. The outer layer of textile gives the Nice appearance. On the inside is still a los coolpack that is filled with cooling gel. This part you can   out and place in the freezer. The coolpack the wine cooler ensures that the wine about  Wine-gadgets! an hour long good stays cold. The outer part of the cooler has a pressure button and a folded collar. This design seems really a jacket that well against the cold can.Source:

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