My fav beauty stuff: Jo-Anne

L PowerIk é ‘ Or already have an awful lot of opinionated curls and Curl have also tried everything to get my curls to tame. After a long search from my sixth-I am now 23 years-I finally found something  my fav beauty stuff: Jo-Anne what actually works for opinionated curls. I’m going to literally leave, before that stuff in my hair is. L ‘ Or é all Curl Power is pretty pricey for as a small bottle, but you will surely not disappoint. If I go on vacation I take a whole stash with it, because I can not é cht

without.I have CreamJarenlang my face Milcheiweiss Facial

Azulen rubbed with Nivea cr è me, the familiar blue Tin. But this turned out not to be good according to my beautician. I had always suffered from an extremely dry skin and the culprit turned out to be me cr è Nivea!  my fav beauty stuff: Jo-Anne They advised me to use Milcheiweiss Facial Cream Azulen and since then you can è me on this fantastic cr find my makeup table. My skin has never been so soft, soft and supple.

Maria Galland Intensive Mascara  my fav beauty stuff: Jo-Anne with a nice glance you get a very different look. I therefore believe that beautiful lashes for the final touch worries! Every day I’m careful-played once accidentally a strand of eyelashes drawn-working on my Eyelash curler. Then I use the brand mascara Maria Galland and ooh what’s that well say! It causes my lashes not stick together, suddenly appear fuller and longer look like.

Les Parfums de Rosine

-RoseberryIk am fond of delicious smells and use per year gallons of perfume. Right now I have a favorite where I can make most noses very jealous. Whenever I have this scent, I get dozens of c  my fav beauty stuff: Jo-Anne omplimentjes. Roseberry of Les Parfums de Rosine is based on roses and

smells divine.

Lubricate lubricate, lubricate and another Panda Vaseline! Wherever I am, I always have my can of Panda Vaseline in my bag down. Every day I use a lip gloss, but a laagj lubrication  my fav beauty stuff: Jo-Anne e vaseline on my lips to them anyway to take care of. Sometimes I don’t feel like a   Tan on my lips to glosses and then Vaseline really the right solution. In this way I have a shine on my

kissable lips.

I’ll give this stick at it to my colleague Martine! She is so next time turn to us her fav products.

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