Amy Winehouse remains on St. Lucia

This reports a of the girlfriends of the singer to the British tabloid News of the World. Currently staying on the island to work on a new album and escape the temptations of London and it looks so that they will not leave for the time being. ” Amy is fond of Saint Lucia and would never leave. She has the idea that the island her doing well and writes more than she has ever done, ” says

‘s girlfriend.the move is also financially

interesting because Brits who stay less than 183 days a year in England, having to pay less tax. According to Amy’s in her mind this certainly keeps them friends.

an anonymous civil servant tells News of the World: ” We know of Amy’s plans to to come and live here permanently. We have her request received and treat that. ”

the inhabitants of Saint Lucia are less than pleased about the intentions of Amy. A radio dj Announces: ” this woman has brought all her naarheid to our beaches and comes away with too. Our young people need positive role models. People need to make a meaningful contribution to our society. Amy does not fit into that picture. ”

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