IRIS Butter-reunion in Rome

the story Donna lives in Amsterdam with her cat Meanwhile again Lorenzo (named after her former handsome math teacher). She has a boring Office job where her only bright spot colleague Bart is  , which resembles a knuffelbeer  -and every night she dreams of Rome and that teacher. Then she gets an invitation to the re ü nie of her old high school in Rome. Convinced that they finally the Italian men where they are so fond of is can go seduction, she leaves for a week to Rome. Together with Italian girl friends Alyssa and Sita she goes on men hunt and finds her great love. But then they found out that not everything a fairy tale can be …

And?IRIS Butter won the Liefdesverhalen contest in 2006 by NCRV, Fok! and Sp! ts. Is her debut novel Re ü nie in Rome typical chick lit? Esatto Assolutamente! But should the book therefore on the big pile of thirteen-in-a-dozen books disappear? Certainly not, because Re é é ü nie in Rome is one of the most refreshing books I’ve read in years. Full of humor written without the sugar sweet layer that many c  Iris Butter-reunion in Rome hicklit has over them. The book is peppered with wisdom that Donna from a book that has received them from an old man. This wisdom stand in sharp contrast with the sharp way Iris writes, but are a dire

enrichment for the book.

Re ü nie in Rome is a wonderful book to read and if you have not was in love with Rome, then you that after reading this book now!

Re BoterISBN 9059774167Prijs ü nie in Rome: Iris: 9, 95Uitgeverij: summer & Kabir

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