Background: World D-Day

humanity sleep.. Human rights are still violated worldwide gross scale. Something unthinkable if you also but i would understand é ts of life. Actually we know as humanity still nothing about our actual capacity. We don’t know where we really come from. We do not know the purpose of our existence or what happens after death. We don’t even know there is something ó f ü even if we are dead. We knew this and we lived to that realization than the word ‘ human rights ‘ would not even be called more because everyone would deem it as a matter of course. Just as obvious as the in and out. The lack of understanding for each other and the ‘ chronic ‘ ignorant we keep itself alive. We often look no further than our routine activities. Anything beyond the limit of the physical ranges is dismissed as ‘ psychedelic ‘. Yet no one can deny that the world are desperate for new ground-breaking information that can help mankind in this totally stuck situation (such as set out in the film of Staya Erusa). We all get bogged down in ever greater misery and global catastrophes. It is an extremely alarming situation and it could well be very fast and very tragic end if there isn’t something or someone who can lead us out of this hopeless ‘ cesspool ‘. We think that we are closer to his than anyone may suspect. So there is hope! Facts about the existence We are all engaged in a spiritual evolutionary process in which our individual consciousness for thousands of physical life on Earth has previously manifested. The one learns things faster and the other does something longer. Incidentally, nothing wrong with that, but in this case we are relative to each other w é l in various stages of mental development. This simple fact automatically means that there are people who us, especially in terms of mental development, already far beyond its aimed. This is the obvious answer to all the questions about whether or not the particular way people who have existed throughout history lived on Earth. Some of them, ‘ messengers ‘ as Gautama Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Mohammed, Jesus etc. were by their individual level of development very consciously adapted to the Spiritual source from which each individual consciousness is created. This ‘ wise men ‘ were, as well as lots of others, with a particular purpose born and tried their often difficult to understand knowledge to share with humanity. The Religions found in their origin. Some of these were ‘ wise men ‘ during their childhood ‘ overshadowed ‘ by n ó g more advanced people like themselves. As a result, came their already high level of wisdom and knowledge in a much higher frequency to lie. This n ó g more advanced people had their learning process on Earth already completed but chose to continue to guide humanity in their development. This is always been like through the centuries.Jesus was overshadowed by.. However, the current time is significantly different compared to the past. Today, mankind has developed to such an extent that such spiritual knowledge and insights will be much better understood now. In addition, there is now also the existence of the multimedia. Where the insights often of ” word of mouth ” had to be spread, the world is now directly at your fingertips with a minimal chance of distortion of information. Also, we have in this time huge ‘ downwind ‘ because of the age of Aquarius. This astronomical fact gives a huge boost to our process of evolution whereby the meaning that the ” advanced people ” is now visible of us move. This is really a unique situation because this ” big ones ” has in the past expressed through wise people ‘ only ‘. For example, to overshadow them. Now you will say ” but why make this ” big ones ” , let’s call Them ” masters ” for convenience, not just known as soon as possible ” ? The answer: ” because of the law of free will ” . Free will is a very important aspect in the human evolutionary process that may be never disturbed. And if you understand this law of free will is the self-evident why there at all the misery and injustice on the world not by a so-called ” higher power ” action is taken! Now you hear often, ” I do not believe that there is a God, or something like that, exists, otherwise he would ‘ this or that ‘.. so much for coming ” . Well, if you have the right of free will and the law of Karma by it is not immediately clear why there so often by the powers that be m á g intervention. Vision of life back now to ” the masters ” . They reside near major energy centers on Earth, such as London, New York and Geneva to name but a few. Here they live as just physical man and do, behind the scenes, their preparatory work. They are not bound to a physical body and then by power of thought can move like real ones, not in a body, to appear again somewhere else. All these Masters are in direct connection with each other é n with their close associates. Which is but a very small group. At the head of these masters is a very old man. It’s the same personality overshadowed Jesus at the time. It was among other things that Jesus could carry out its so-called miracles. This has left a huge impression on the world that we still to this day very much experienced. One had known, at any time, how this all went in his work than would the flow within the religion that had, and still has the lead, get another load right away. But the same applies for all other forms of religion. Religion can with the insights and vision, which also now release again, very well be transformed to science whereby everyone the ” real vision ” of life can begin to experience. And if we apply in our lives that then there will be an unprecedented change. Within a few decades we have than a world where everyone can live in peace and equality. And that’s just what every ” Messenger ” in its time has meant to say. This article is with permission retrieved from:

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