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my practice within A fifty-year-old

man walks. As usual we give each other a hand. But this user feels empty, as if there is no life in it. He does not feel heavy but not light, what you would expect at this man, since he has a set figure. I let loose his hand and ask him to take a seat and he turns around and runs towards the Chair. But I see it, behind the man ‘ ‘, as it were, his aura, runs half a meter behind him. I’m going to sit at the table and also I look again well be true aura now and if I’m not mistaken in what I see. His energy field is now half a meter behind him and it is clear that his aura is and not a guide or entity. The intelligent man tells his life story with a lot of emotion in his voice. It’s pretty much what’s involved him upstairs, and I try to reassure him. Doctors, psychiatrists, hospital in and out, everyone has looked to him but he told him the feeling that no one understands or can help. Many stamps he has gotten over the years, from schizophrenia to PDD-NOS. He has all sorts of unexplained physical ailments and tells that the doctors never really able to find something. The man has been under treatment since his sixth year of psychiatrists. He also tells that he did every few years a while allows recording not this life differently because he maintains. He can’t work and relations seem virtually impossible, because he is often depressed. ” I’d really like a more bearable existence wishes, Mrs. ” During his story I get all all sorts of things by using a guide, belonging to this man. Among other things that he was born too early. His mother had a high blood pressure during pregnancy, he lay in a breech position and I get images of a cesarean section. The man confirms this story. The guide where I can communicate is very clear and the images I see. I get to see a video of a child what is there yet. I see how the child in each other shrinks and precluding the birth. And there I see it happen, won’t the baby Taj is taken away and the energy body is separate from the body and tries jealously to stay with the mother. This separation is to feel painful and nasty to see. I hope that I may receive even more images to clarify … Luckily happened that as well. The child is returned with his mother but the energy field and body are all separate from each other. You could also say soul and body. At birth, the soul in the body, there is obviously something went wrong here. My job is to help this man to integrate his soul in his body and his energy body to connect with his material body. This is going to be a little further than the normal earths. I regularly see in people that their energy body hangs above or next to a piece of them, but then there’s always a connection, one must then learn earthen and better connect with their body. This can take place by means of exercises and meditations. In this case, it is more difficult. First of all I will have to deal with the traumatic experience around the birth, the man is also afraid to enter his body. I explain to him how I see it and where we go to work. Fortunately, there are wonderful remedies that can help you in letting go of fearful experiences and also EMDR can help here. Also I try to make him aware where he is and where his material body is located. Fortunately he can consciously experience it after a while. I give him exercises in order to ground into his body, and his body to accept affirmations that help a remedy that helps the mind to connect with his body. It seems to be no easy task to help this man but despite his difficult life, he still hoping for a better life, and as they say ‘ hope springs eternal. ‘ a few weeks later he comes back for a follow-up consultation, I’ll give him a hand and feel life and energy in his hand. ” It goes better with you, h è! ” I say. He confirms this with a beaming smile on his face. He tells me that he carefully is go running, something he never could do, because he is not in his body sat and had the power not to. Now is it still good with the guy, of course the occasional blip, because 50 years of a hard life, that should give you some time to process. Now does he light administrative work, previously he never can work and was always too tired for. It hits me to hear and see how some people have to go through life and by the demanding society because one can with them nothing more, they figured out his or not understood. These people usually end up in the disability insurance, sometimes when it is still young adults. I’m glad I can do something for these people and they may help in a more tolerable existence. I thank the spiritual guides who make this work possible me. Vesko

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