Win: DEMON Like You!

DUSHI Like You his personal Wish hugs; hugs that you can make it look on yourself and that you can give a gift to someone you find particularly, accompanied by a personal message. DUSHI Like You is a hug and greeting card in

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Let’s say you want to make something clear to someone, preferably by giving him or her something original, thus to convey something personal and that everything on a not-too-laden way. What do you do? Then you surf to and you give yourself if hug form


 WIN: DEMON Like You!   Via the webshop, you can easily make yourself a hug with a personal message. Whether you’re hip-hop, sporty or trendy are. Choose from the extensive clothing collection and let your DEMON Like You seem to you at all. With a personal message it says your DEMON Like You really everything for you. Because DUSHI Like You to all the nice people who all the other cool people like to say that they are special! We find the’s

DUSHI’s super cute and you want to extend the benefits of it! We must 10 x a voucher of 25 euro of DUSHI Like You giving away! This allows you to create your own hug on their website


to win this crazy price, you need the following question answered correctly. The contest runs until July 6, 2009. By participating in the giveaway, you automatically sign up for the weekly newsletter from var article_id = 1648; var question = ” From which language the word DEMON? ” ; var answer1 = ” Tongo ” ; var answer2 = ” Japanese ” ; var answer3 = ” South African ” ; var = answer4 ” Papiamento ” ;

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