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I have to say that I’m not so aware of that hair styling products and brands á l. I wear my hair down, without rubber bands, clips, headbands, caps, etc. I get a brush through the morning, and at high exception (at important day or just because I feel like it have) do I put there a styling tang in. At the hairdresser they throw everything in my hair, with a complicated description why that is so good. I think it is all fine, as long as it smells nice and does what it should do. Hair spray to make sure that my hair stays stuck where it sits, and gel is there for her to style. And then you have still from that her stuff that you have in your hair needs lubrication when styling, so that it is not damaged. So far my knowledge of its products. It was precisely for this reason that might be a good idea to a layman to try the new product line of Sebastian: I so! ‘ to make perfect products, Sebastian has in two years, more than 10,000 consumers and stylists ge ï being interviewed. About the high fashion styling where Sebastian-products are known, what they still were missing and where they get inspiration from. Then the products are thoroughly tested and improved. The result is a compact yet comprehensive range of products that are innovative, creative and-most important-effectively it thus supplied information. My eye glides over the five page’s products. The cheapest is the 50 ml. hairspray: time for action!

¤ 9.50 For you, the reader, it might be good to mention that testing the different products is spreading over a number of days. As I understand it, the products are classified in different ë category n: 1. Flow The Flow-line nourishes and protects the hair and gives a flexible hold with a soft finish. A series of cr è knife, mousses, serums and fine sprays your hair frizz-free, soft and smooth. An attempt of mine to the frizz away from my hair ends in a big bunch of greasy hair and sticky fingers. The Stylixir is a watery Goo, that above all very very sticky and not doing what it promised. It promised only an extra wash. 2. Form Sebastian does a promise of a speaking striking texture and a strong hold, designed for those who want to really fearless hairfashion. Excited I rub a dollop of Liqouid Steel between my hands. Less than ten seconds later I would be jealous of a haircut where Amy Winehouse: it is as if an autumn storm by my hair is gone. I never knew that was as simple to obtain this effect. Fearless hairfashion: very suitable if you are punk. Friend love test Matte Putty, a soft dry texturizer. In his best friend I find the next victim: he test for me the Molding Mud, one with fiber reinforced paste to lure casual to knead, form and run it. All in all, sees the hairstyle of the last there is quite nice, but apparently, the frizzy curls of my friend no match for the Matty Putty: we see no difference. 3. Flaunt The Flaunt line consists of new super glossy stylers. The top product from this line is three-tiered formula for Trilliant, brilliant shine, protection from heat styling and an ultra light body. The product is not very special compared to other products, but it does its job. Too bad only the smell: a do not post kind of watermelon-, or slightly decayed grapes air … By the Halo Fog breaks friend sweet almost his neck, because the floor is slippery there of. But the shine spray does its job: what a shine! 4. Foundation Foundation is there apparently also for your hair: three sub with a shampoo and conditioner for all hair types: fine to normal hair, frizzy and dry hair, and damaged, chemically treated hair. Product: Hairstyling by Sebastian Professional the question now is: are the prices that Sebastian finally counts for these products, the final results worth? I say: No. Maybe is this to the fact that the products it compared to normal household, garden and kitchen products not head and shoulders above sticking out. Or perhaps is it just the indefinable smells of the products. Or perhaps is it just me: the layman who used the products all wrong. But if I was in the store, note I am, above all, on the price of the product, and ¤ 24, 50 for the Trilliant styling spray I find just way too much. Sebastian’s products are available at various salons by Netherlands. Website: Sebastian Professional

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