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in Melbourne born Gabriella is originally of Italian descent. In 2004, she was discovered by a record company during a festival in her hometown at the age of 13 and had them all to address her first contract. Three years later, her debut single Sweet About Me a megahit. And a year later I could see her in the milky way, Amsterdam!The audience was mixed: boys and girls, men and women and even children! The hard rock music that was played prior to the occurrence was not fittingly. Also the fact that the Chamber a 1500 man can have and we with our 150 man nowhere near filled and bore me any concerns. Fortunately, Gabriella still just fancy! With her band composed of four men who played the drum, guitar, bass and keyboard (and also once all acted as background singers!), sat the atmosphere there quickly. Soon her hits Sweet About Me and Sanctuary along and also she knew there  Gabriella Cilmi @ Galaxy a nice cover of Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River to throw in. I had to constantly remind myself that I not only have heard Amy Winehouse. I find their voices are so similar that if I would close my eyes and Gabriella had done a cover of Rehab, I just no longer would know to whom I looked. Let’s just hope they don’t like Amy ends! Fortunately, Gabriella still enough unique sound. With the occasional ballad, a more ‘ rocky ‘ or country-like number she has enough variety to be heard. And if they the show ends with a cover of Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love, she won’t even not bad as rock chick. Thereby the singer seems to be a bit-  at what style she feels most at home? With her 17 years we might not expect them to choose a direction. For now she is doing it of course awesome and they will only get better going to do! This is just the beginning…I was already a fan before I went to the action and am still! Her first album Lessons To Be Learned is already in my possession, so let the second now but come!Lessons To Be Learned Gabriella CilmiEAN: 0602517913066 price: 19, 95Foto’s Joris Pol: (c) This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginHow to set CSS selector, WP-Auto Post

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