World Press Photo 2009

In the news we see images from all over the world. Of elections to bomb attacks and of sports scores to the economic crisis: images Flash over. World Press Photo gives you the chance to reflect on the image and take a good look at. What do you see really? The expression of the people who the news are, say sometimes more than the facts you hear around it. World Press Photo 2009 the World Press Photo is known worldwide. Lesser known is the fact that our country has for that! In 1955 came the Dutch Association of photojournalists that is on the good idea of organising this photo contest. Every year é é a photo selected who can call the World Press Photo of the year. In addition, also in different category ë n, such as portraits, nature and people in the news, awards. The winning photo’s are enlarged display. Next to the photo’s you can get a piece of background information about the story and the photographer read. This year’s exhibition for the 52nd time on more than 100 locations in 45 countries. The World Press Photo Award 2009 was won by the American Anthony Suau. He made a series of photo’s that portrays the credit crunch in America. The crisis hit hard in there with the result that many people had to leave their homes because of financial reasons ë le. On the winning photo is a COP with a drawn weapon that vacant houses inspects on  World Press Photo 2009 junks and criminals. There is also a Dutchman in prizes. Photographer Roger Cremers was awarded with the 1st prize in the category ‘ ‘ Arts and Entertainment. He made a series of photo’s of visitors to the former concentration camp in Poland Auswitz-Birkenau. every year the winning photo’s bundled into a book. The winning photo’s are beautiful, impressive and sometimes shocking. The exhibition of World Press Photo

is well worth a visit.

would you like to like to go to the World Press Photo exhibition? View below where the exhibition can still be seen: 04 May 2009  -28 jun 2009: old church,   Amsterdam19 June 2009-09 July 2009: John’s Church,   Utrecht12 August 2009-06 september 2009: great Church, Naarden12 september 2009  -04 October 2009: main building TUE & kennispoort, Eindhoven 12 september 2009  -04 October 2009: Westelijk handelsterrein,   Rotterdam29 september 2009-18 October 2009: Broerenkerk, Zwolle visit the website of World Press Photo for more information. Tip: view on the website the overview of the World Press Photo’s of the year from 1955 to now.

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