Beau upset with Erland G

Beau tells in an interview with 538: ” That he says Yes, but he also says he had nothing to do with Wendy van Dijk, while that’s already half a year on the front page’s was. ” He had promised long ago according to Beau at SBS to go to work, before they had become about money ü.

the presenter has also had it with RTL and Erland G. ” If you’re not in the Favorites booklet State of the program director, then you can just shaken. ” He also felt for some time no ‘ ‘ more love from the RTL bosses, which is at SBS be different. ” The energy and the creativity creeps there by the gang. I’m up to it with profiteroles and champagne. It was incredibly cozy. I thought: look, so can it too. ”

the presenter has very much point at SBS to get started. He’s going to make a program with Gerard Joling anyway. ” The folk singer with the folk k together that delivers something funny on. ” Then think we well too!

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