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began in november 2004 when San for love moved from Rotterdam to the North Sea coast north. ” I’m actually started for my family who lives 75 miles away. So I keep them at the height of my life. In addition I could being creative with photo’s and pictures. ”


Time-consuming began for family, grew into a time-consuming hobby. ” I also got other visitors, a lot of fun, because now those who think others like it to read your thoughts? The hours I spent writing, but also reading and responding to others, there were more and more. ”

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personal things is San mother of two daughters. ” With two girls you always have much to tell, but I also write about other things in my life and in the world. I try to write some per week as well as blogs. Sometimes you have days when you have no inspiration and then again very much, therefore I always a few posts on scratch and a Notepad in his pocket for when I suddenly get a hunch. ”

BezoekersaantallenPuur San is popular. ” I have a lot of visitors, against the 75 to 100 per log, including many loyal visitors who also respond. There are also lurkers who just like to come cheating. Certainly around the due date of my second daughter visit the pan out. I then have to pay even at my provider had exceeded the permitted data traffic because my weblog. ”

nice comments ” I get especially positive reactions and if I have a new layout again, I get e-mails from girls who want to know how I do it all. It’s always fun to read the comments. Negative comments I luckily haven’t had. ”

source of inspiration ” What is the added value of my weblog? That is for every reader personal: a likes how I write, my blog is a source of inspiration for another in terms of creativity. For me it’s blogging an outlet, a journal of my life as a creative working mother.   and it is especially a piece of relaxation after a busy day. ”

 I & my weblog: Pure San What 3 weblogs can you advise readers to read Ze.nl’s check out? ” I find it quite difficult to call because I to 3 weblogs at the time more than 60 blogs follow and still there every month a new added. If I can call it that: there really

Jis 3 and her mini men: she writes so honestly and with so much love and humor about her family and all the joys and sorrows men what they experience.Toaske has a blog entry will temporarily rise every day on the most different subjects, where sometimes you just think about it and think about it longer.A third I find difficult to choose between: Linda, Mimi, Carolien, Sacha, Cat or Esther; almost all weblogs are of working co-Mommy-bloggers, made fun and especially apparent writing. ”

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