Emma Watson will not acting!

that is why the 19-year-old actress probably stop with her filmcarri è re, once she is ready for her role as Hermione (Hermione). She has so far played in all parts of Harry Potter, only the last book is yet to be made into a

.the pressure on her is

in advance if they must promote a movie, the young actress very heavy. ” I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my life ” , she explains to Teen Vogue about the promotion period of Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince (which can be seen in Dutch cinemas July 15). In addition,

Emma to desperate anonymity.acteercarri è re

they would like to swap her for a student life, but that she wants to get rid of too much about yet. ” I want to keep everything as long as possible for myself. Maybe I come across as a ï fear and Loathing in the crazy, but I’m doing this because I normally want to be. I really want to be anonymous. ”

There is a wonderful shoot with Emma Watson in Teen Vogue. Little girls are great …

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