Jspm: " step by step from wish to reality "

Large panic at Kabir a few days ago. My wife, Christine Pannebakker, restless sleep, a few hours after, works day and night to meet the deadline of her new book women power, which appears after the summer. And suddenly it happened. While they thought about a sentence, with a cup of Wiener melange careless in her hand, the Cup fell out of her hands over the keyboard of the laptop. Immediately caught all the image away. I heard a bloodcurdling scream and when I came down, I saw Christine shake out her laptop while the blind panic in her eyes was. But there was no life to get more into the brand new laptop from only 1 month old. Throughout her work, her book where they had worked so hard over the past year, seemed destroyed by é n é Cup of Wiener melange. Anyway we decided not in the panic, or within a similar time scale with a ” poor me ” stand to sit down. But also to see this as something that would have a beneficial effect may be that we still could not overlook. I remembered Christine that her book just before the deadline of who am I, her computer also crashed, and that this book had become a huge bestseller. We spent the moribund laptop to the computer shop, and at home we wait for nail biting, as you wait when someone dear to you, the doctor on the phone call which is operated on, would say whether the operation was successful or not. Many hours later we got the phone call with the bad and good news. The laptop was deceased but the heavily oxidized hard drive would it might save. Christine could not afford any longer powerless monitor. They left the computer doctors do what they could, and went back to work. Now they could not write, they had time to consult those few rare books for which they had no time to date awarded. Cheering she came every 15 minutes top with new discoveries that confirmed its objectives in women power and gave even more substantiation. The next night only showed the computer doctor born the new laptop, with the transplanted heart of old. Her book was rescued, they had found crucial extra information that her book would make even richer, and when we got home, there was a letter from the tax office. It turned out we had exactly the right to a refund … cost of the new laptop! Achieve wishes you can learn, is my motto. It’s not something that is exclusively reserved for bofkonten. Only someone must explain the rules. Someone needs to give you the manual at your birth to have forgotten to deliver. Because I wanted to have my life long, do I now own that manual but written. The 10 simple laws to realize your wish. My new book ” step by step from wish to reality ” I can now to the readers of Vrouw.nl with an exclusive discount of 2 euros 50 offering (see the discount coupon below). But there is more … you can also publish your wish on my website; www.geertkimpen.com and let you help and inspired by all the other visitors. Dare to believe in miracles, and dare again letting you help. You’ll be amazed at the result. Because every dream deserves to be realized!Comments of readers who with this book to work: ‘ what’s my wish come true? I can only say: everything! Everything has changed! ‘ – ” it feels like I’m awake again kissed! ” Gitta. ” I’m going to present the radio-news from september! The first Turkish who may do! Everyone would have to read this book! ” Fatima. ” My mom has a new job that contains everything where they actually have been looking for! And that in less than a month! ” Fiona. ” I just heard that I Director word! The Kabbalah roadmap really works! ” – John. ” Tomorrow is the opening of my first solo exhibition with images! Thanks! ” – N. ” Yesterday I put my dream. And what happens today. I am just 1 minute ago called by a television producer! ” Hanna ” Meanwhile I also found love. Also that has manifested itself. ” Linda. ” After reading twice I continue to be surprised on the practical simplicity of the ten laws of creation. ” Pyts. ” The people stood in line at the checkout. The three hundred chairs were occupied. Everything has changed! ” – KORTINGSBONAls Vrouw.nl visitor you get with Lilian. This voucher an exclusive discount of E 2.50 on the new Jspm, ” step by step. ” Instead of 12.50 you pay only 10 euros! This voucher is valid in every bookstore in Netherlands, or if you order the book via http://www.geertkimpen.com/bestellen.html you can copy and you will also get the discount. This offer applies to 10 september 2009. Action number: 90164224  Jspm: & quot; step by step from wish to reality & quot; step by stapGeert Ka

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