We love Zwitsal!

care of your baby right after birth is already very important. Zwitsal produces for years very mild cr è knife, shampoos and the notorious but highly effective talcum powder for sensitive baby’s legs. The products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and PH-neutral. And they all have that well-known ge  We love Zwitsal! Faye. Turn the box cr è me if the bottle shampoo open and you smell

é é n and all baby!Perhaps that is why

are the products of Zwitsal also at (young) women are still wildly popular.   there is even a real Zwitsal-Hyve created for all the fans. If we are to believe that site, and comments on our own Ze.nl, is there under our little big girls still pressure lubricated with the cr è metjes and lotions from the yellow brand. And even men give to still sometimes nostalgic thinking back to the fine stuff! The greasy cr è me is in winter h é t handcr è dry legs, the remedy for me is ideal against chapping and the shower lotion with Lavender creates a fine night’s sleep.

But luckily for us, there is also a special adults line of Zwitsal: Zwitsal Mama! A special skin care line for  We love Zwitsal! the pregnant woman (but of course for every woman, pregnant or not) to your body to give that little bit extra. They are products with the familiar scent, combined with almond oil, lime blossom or silk. And they are what less fat than the products for baby skin, which compiled otherwise than our old and weathered skin. So moisturize the cr è knife   by Zwitsal MOM and they strengthen the skin of the breasts, buttocks and belly during and after pregnancy. Even on your swollen feet you can during your pregnancy a special Zwitsalcr è metje doping!

On www.zwitsal.nl you can find all kinds of products that Zwitsal in the assortment. Very useful: there is with every product the functioning, composition and for whom it will work. Look here so. And continue lubrication!

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