Johnny Depp Kiss fantastic!

In the movie Public Enemies she shared some intimate moments with the actor, where she has enjoyed so much. In addition to his kiss qualities, has other advantages: ” Johnny Johnny Depp is a very nice man. I was pretty nervous, but he was very protective towards me. And if you want to know: he can be terrible good kissing. ”

Marion is not the only actress who speak about the Kiss to Johnny’s skills is … The British actress Keira Kneightley ever told in an interview he super kiss. So delicious that they at the Director of Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest has begged to have another movie Kiss! There she said later: ” it was worth the wait. I’m glad I’ve gotten him. It felt good. Very good. ”


is Johnny for over ten years along with singer Vanessa Paradis and they have two children.

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