Fashion trends Summer 2009

The sale of the spring/summer collection has been started and is early this year. In times of recession, this is of course good news. And you can now for little money fun summer clothes  co uk55jurk220609g_150 .jpeg lipsy fashion trends summer 2009 buy before you go on holiday! To make sure you bargain well at all according to the latest fashion trends, has for you the hottest fashion trends of listed this summer! To be completely aware, you will also find the fashion trends this spring.

1. Nostalgic walls is undoubtedly the ultimate summer color. Is the white pants in the fall and winter, ‘ ‘ not done absolutely in the summer can an outfit not white enough. To make your white outfit up to date in terms of fashion trends of the moment, we must from the wrong  250609_150 .jpeg summer trends fashion trends summer 2009 to grandmother’s time. On the catwalk, we saw that the designers went overwhelmingly for white with nostalgic details. This includes hook and string work, embroidery, ruffles and lace. With this beautiful white dress you in any case well this season! .UK-64.90 2. Colorful printmixNaast the beautiful pristine white color to your wardrobe this summer may be added. Go here for half the battle, but not dare to popping. Fruity colors are there this summer in abundance. A print is a must in these colors. Shirts, jackets and dresses may not this summer without an abstract motif or cheerful floral print. This dress is a great copy of a floral print with oh-so-sweet sorbet colors. Long live the summer! Mango  -89,- fashion trends summer 2009

3. HarembroekDe harem pants is the must-have of spring and Summer 2009. It is a round the hips wide trousers, often with a low cross, and walk in the direction the calves or ankles to tight again. This will create a so-called hourglass figure. This is the best to z a law by a not too wide top to wear out, you can stop in the pants. Whose relaxed jersey harem pants-to dust a little reminiscent of a great jogging pants of your friend; who should have a more classic variant try, like this classy harem pants with bow. Mango

 -24.90 4. Full color accessoiresDe add some extra accessories this summer color to this season. Also here we see pop colors like cobalt blue, fuchsia pink and lime green. Wide brightly colored bracelets or a o  jpeg clutchgeelasos30250609_150. fashion trends summer 2009 pvallende colored clutch are an absolute must have for the summer. The brightly colored clutch has already spotted many celebrities and makes a simple outfit right away totally hip! Let so that black bag once and try a bright Tan. You will see that the unexpectedly very nice condition! However, make sure that your shoes to match the outfit and keep it go quietly with accessories. ASOS  -35,- fashion trends summer 2009

5. WedgesEnkele years ago, the wedge heel as the newest fashion trend signaled. The é é n found him great and the other could not get used to it. Now it seems the wedge heel again to make his entrance in fashionworld. The colors are mostly brown tones and pastel, and the material of the wedge heel and the sole are of wood or Cork. In addition to the wedge heel shoe has a platform sole where you ‘ ‘ to you says. With these shoes you go straight and look like your legs feet snake! An added advantage is that this shoe are fairly stable. So also for the inexperienced high heel-wearer, the wedge heel to play. So no more excuses! River island  -58,

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