BBQ’s and for dummies

like many things is also true for BBQ’s and: a good start is half the battle! Place the BBQ on a firm, flat surface. Choose a place from the wind or if that is not there: be aware of the wind direction, so that your guests will not be gassed.

for BBQ’s and includes: patience is a virtue. So take the time for! Barbecue is slow-food: Please note that the so ‘ n may take 30-45 minutes the BBQ is warmed up, so start on time! If you want to eat, do not choose a quick hack for the BBQ … BBQ  ' and for dummies

What do you need for a successful BBQ night?

A BBQ (that you had not expected h è?) Charcoal kindling lots and lots of meat! And also little fish if you like… Salads, breads and tasty sauces Alcohol to flush away meat that load

How do you get that thing to?The best way to a BBQ to light is spread by a small touch of charcoal on the bottom. Then what you put there creation blocks between and that cross in with a lu  BBQ  ' and for dummies cifer. Put some coal in. Note that you have the coal nearby each other, so they can pass the heat to each other easily.

the creation blocks will Slowly extinguish and the coal go glow, but not nearly all. That is why it is important to add oxygen, so that the heat is distributed. For example, use a large piece of cardboard to flutter and blow. By fanning (occasionally) go the extra coal will glow.

If you see a white layer on the charcoal and there are no more flames, the coal hot enough and you can start with BBQ’s and. Another way to check that is to hold your hand 4 inches of the BBQ and up to four count. You have to remove your hand, then it can count four meat on it!

Is the BBQ too hard? Switch on the grid than higher or wait a moment.The BBQ too slow? Then add some more coal and/or wapper

yet equally well.

you can now with a brush the grate with oil greasing, so that the meat does not remain p  BBQ  ' and for dummies n. caution: do not put too much oil on, otherwise the fikken!

Very important: use a pair of pliers and g é é n fork to return the meat, so no juices


Watch out for …

Flammable or wear loose clothing, to be safe, keep a bucket of water or sand on hand to to extinguish the fire. Children and pets. You don’t want that on the BBQ ends? Raw meat! Wait until chicken and pork all the way cooked.

never spray mixing liquid on glowing coals!

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