Sylvie demands apologies from Party

Editor-in-chief Lisa David gets very Netherlands over them after the publication of the montage picture of the bare football wife. He is aware of no harm   and declares this ‘ ‘ just way. ” Sylvie had indicated in an interview that bald are her big fear is, ” said Ton de Wit. He does his work be fine? Because Sylvie told true that that is not its main concern is.Earlier this week left to consider steps against Sylvie know ‘ ‘ Party. Meanwhile, her lawyer let you know not to leave it there. Sylvie has also written a letter to the gossip magazine ‘ ‘ in which she demands Party apologize. In addition to support of her husband Rafael van der Merwe and her family, let   Netherlands prove massive support. Also the supermarket chain Super de Boer takes action and want each copy of the weekly ‘ ‘


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