Interview: Simon K about DIVAZ network.

this doesnt DIVAZ network above all by the Unhide and organize inspiration. Each month there will be an inspiring woman, the ” DIVA of the month ” , to get the word out about her passion and what they care about in life. See also the website. Twice a year a networking reception organized to inspire participants. The theme of the most recent drink was ‘ ‘ female leadership in the West and East with the speakers Petra Salami, author of the book ” dreams of an Arab spring ” and Faiza Dadi, Operations Director at De Baak. During this network shorts there next to inspiration ability to network and to exchange knowledge and experience. Initiator Fatma Kaya (1969): ‘ it’s all casual and meant to inspire each other. Diversity is a fact in the world. Because the world is getting smaller is the diversity now bigger than ever. Everyone is connected and is in connection with each other. Everyone needs to find its way in, individuals, societies and organizations. Specific to the job market is diversity where this time asks. Organizations that want to track and the world want to maintain and strengthen their concurrentieposiite have great importance to respond to the Diversity in the world, society and the labour market. It is my passion to connect people, situations and networks to each other. I am a quick switch and as a child of migrant parents used to operate in different worlds. I like to put me in to further develop and continue to help others. ‘ Fatma is also initiator of the project 100% opinionated ( 100% Opinionated began as an interview bundle in which 20 colorful characters share tips and advice with students and starters on the labour market. At this time is 100% opinionated especially through the website to follow, where every month an interview with an inspirational younger is read. Are you still the Dutch Parliament Fatma Koser Kaya’s family? ‘ I’m not a family, but we are now best friends. Ever since the University. She studied in Tilburg, I in Leiden. ‘

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