Report: Symposium ’ ‘ Empowering Women.

” seventy percent of the poorest people in the world are women. This is due to a lack of basic education, economic and property rights. In the South of India is the value of a woman sometimes less than that of an animal. If the woman does not conform, she is sent back to her family. ” This told the CEO of Oikocredit, stabbed in a ornate sari Indian Arole Shobha. They underlined that money to women projects a multiplier effect. ” And it contributes to Millennium development goal 3: equality between men and women and giving power to women. ” Koenders: ‘ ‘ Women engine development Minister Bert Koenders-via a video message-it operated even sharper: women are the engine of development. ” Women spend their income responsible and carry on that way to sustainable economic development. Ninety percent of the income of women to their families and the community, of the income of men is that less than half. ” Women pay loans, often no more than 75 euros, also better back than men. The obtained loans provided more confidence, skills, respect and a higher status-an examination of FEMCONSULT showed that á was handed over to Princess M to see if, likewise xima video message.Empowered woman one of the empowered women who was present at the meeting, was the Kenyan Miriam Ng ‘ ‘ ang a. through micro credit loans she now has a small herd of cows, whose milk on her own farm processed in all kinds of yogurt. ” My husband and my children now work on my farm! ” , she proudly announced, in order to add that every big Concord came to pass. ” The ultimate empowerment is there if I am no longer borrower, but also investor. ” The sound of freedom ” has money but é é n sound: the sound of freedom, ” said Maria van der Hoeven Coco Chanel after. ” They started with a small shop nearby. Now it is an international brand with fashion items, bags and cosmetics. The example of Chanel is throughout the world by many women-thanks to microcredit-imitated. ” Everyone has a push needed. And rookie mistakes can be avoided by good coaching and co ö peratieven. There will also, ” said Oikocredit finally the Minister. Crisis resistant investment maleika Jong, CEO of Oikocredit Netherlands, closed the symposium with a call to anyone to invest in Oikocredit. That is desperately needed, so Oikocredit work for women empowerment and microcredit can continue. Invest in Oikocredit is both for people d á á r as a good thing. Even Minister Koenders said it under the impression that Oikocredits investment strategy has proved so crisis resistant.

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