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Mini move you really have deepened in what-ie can, call you probably already, ” I wants’m, I’m, I’m want to! ” The Memorex Mini move is a gadget such as a gadget is supposed to be: you can not much with it, but it looks pretty nice. This iPod dock, where you also via a cable other MP3 players can play, not on looks great on your hand towel to the beach!

 gadget slipper opener_150 .jpeg hot beach gadgets! slippers with secret weapon!What is better than a cool Coro naatje on the beach? And so you have civil cooler filled to the rafters with this delicious, Golden stuff. Thirsty grab your friends to a bottle, but … shit! Opener forget! Not to worry, because you have obviously you super-smart flip-flops by Reef to! M é t opener under the sole! The men lie at your feet …Have? Look here!    hot beach gadgets! badlakenHet Twister-Twister duvet cover is maybe some clunky (that gewiebel on your bed and besides, how many times have you now with more than three man in your bedroom..?), but this bath towel is ideal! No extra baggage-just drop a towel it you needed-and it gives you the ability to do something else than just ‘ braaien ‘! Oh, and if you are someone who regularly has a tête-à-tête in the room with a male or four, then lay you do just this bath towel on your bed …?Including beach ball-die 

on, among other things, to obtain  hot beach gadgets! Kitsch picnic!Are you one of the lucky ones who live within cycling distance of the beach, then you have this gadget. You throw all your tasty snacks on the one hand, in; the other side is ready-to-use filled with crockery, cutlery, a pepper-and-salt-set, napkins and bottle opener. Not living within a radius of 10 km from the beach? Cycling, you can of course also go to the park! Something for you? Click here!  iPod gadgets ego-waterproof_150 .jpeg hot beach gadgets! EGOGaat the pink iPod Mini move you something too far, but you want to enjoy your own music on the beach, then can you fix something with iPod Ego. This waterproof speaker dock for your iPod energy elikes Dahl bone dry! Funny: he also continues driving, so you can even

in the sea.

Wild by Waboba!Lazy on your ass are baking anything for you? A bit of catch with a frisbee or beach ball becomes boring. So go for the Waboba ball! This bouncing like crazy over the water and keeps you busy. Except your own skills to the next level, you can also go for some more challenge with Waboba The Game. And for the truly strebertjes is there on the Waboba site even a real manual for a tournament to find!

On you can order both the balls as the playing field for T  accessorize_150 .jpeg gadgets beach bag hot beach gadgets! Hey Download Game and the tournament. Check out the video below! Accessorize fun, fun, fun, all those gadgets. But it should also all still just in the direction of the beach! In this great beach bag from Accessorize can you really lose everything! And absolutely easy: he can be ordered via the webshop!

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