What brings about Michael’s death

anyone can still contain difficult; Our King of Pop Michael Jackson, and founder of the Moonwalk, is Thursday at 14.26 am local time   at the age of 50 died. Around the world mourning fans to this great loss. But Michael’s death has triggered even more.On the open internet encyclopedia site Wikipedia was founded on a feud among users was then still not officially confirmed that The King of Pop had died. A war between users who already wanted to put on the site that he had died and users that it is too early to make a statement about found to do. Also, there was a   huge crowds on the internet on sites such as Google and Twitter. The sites could not to the large flow of curious and layers all the way flat. When there was a domino effect, since according to BBC people who came on a site that lay off, looking went to another site, whereby all news sources é é é n é n for flat layers.In addition, it is also great at   grief big stars. So Madonna can know not to let   stop crying. ” I have always admired Michael. The world loses one of its greatest pop stars, ” said      

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