High blood pressure: what I eat?

What is high blood pressure?Normal blood pressure is around 120/80 mmHg. You have elevated blood pressure, then this higher than 140/90 mmHg. Usually you notice here any of it, but it can affect your health, for example an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.   Adverse influences on smoking, being overweight, a little move to high blood pressure, excessive alcohol consumption and stress are possible causes of high blood pressure and if you already have high blood pressure, these factors are the worse. Heredity also plays a role.


 high blood pressure: what I eat? verlagenEen blood pressure Tips to healthy food with generous portions wholemeal products, vegetables and fruit. Restriction of salt intake (usually 3-6 grams of salt per day = 1200-1600 grams of sodium).A healthy lifestyle: adequate exercise (at least half an hour per day), no smoking, relaxation.Achieve a healthy weight and/or retained.Possibly

prescription drug use (on medical advice).

health food as basis by a healthy diet make you feel fitter and it is still tasty too. The most important is to varied to eat with ample servings of whole grain products, 200 grams of vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit. Also watch on the amount of salt and saturated fat;    

waste it here. be Wrong vs. healthy vetVerzadigd (= wrong) raises cholesterol levels in the blood. It’s in: solid products as butter, margarine in a wrapper, 48 cheese, whole milk products, fatty meats, biscuits, chocolate, cakes and snacks.

Unsaturated (= Ok é) verla  jpeg citroen_250. high blood pressure: what I eat? agt it right. It’s in: liquid products, like oil, liquid cooking products, low-fat margarine, margarine, nuts and fatty fish.

Tasty low-sodium kokenVleesMarineer in mixture of oil, lemon juice, pepper, garlic and herbs.Fry the meat with some mushrooms or mushrooms.Grill the meat


  the fish to taste with some lemon juice, dill, parsley or Basil.Pack the fish in foil with some vegetables of your choice

and green herbs.

JusMaak the gravy with herbs, spices, fruit pieces, chopped nuts, drizzle of

liqueur or wine.

Vegetable raw vegetable have great taste.Get more flavor by vegetable stir-fry.Pine nuts or sunflower seeds are delicious as tastemakers by vegetable

and lettuce.

  As sandwich filling- high blood pressure: what I eat?   vegetable and fruit-less salty cheese (low-sodium cheese) and meat products cottage cheese with honey or jam-hard-boiled egg with daikon or radish–sodium peanut butter with cucumber-Apple syrup-Pear syrup-Honey-Tahini zoner salt

 jpeg popcorn_150. high blood pressure: what I eat? Unsalted tastemakers: Curry, pepper, basilicumZoutloos eating can also be yummy by different herbs and spices like cloves, pepper, nutmeg, Curry, Chile and paprika, parsley, chives, dill, basil, thyme, oregano, low-sodium soy sauce.

salt-free snacking: it can!Dates, fruit, toasts with unsalted fish, filet americain, roast beef or H ttenk ä se ü, olives, unsalted chips and popcorn, unsalted sunflower seeds and nuts.

Responsible alternatives Salt is expressed in sodium on the label of products. In the supermarket are often in the dieetvak much sodium poor variants available. Here a short overview:-1 slice = >-sodium cheese cheese 48 180 g 10 g 1 Pack non-meat 310 g = >-sodium meats smoked sausage 1 piece of 10 g-700 g = > homemade unsalted meat 140 g-1 salt herring = > 820 g = > homemade unsalted fish 100 g-filled cake 150 g = > g = > 880 g-biscuit 30 Frikandel tablespoon Japanese mix 5 g-Soup from Pack 1.2 mg =/tomatensoep 93 mg-> vegetable Bouillon 1.1 mg = >-sodium bouillon-Salami 204 mg = > luncheon meat products


Caution: 129 mg full of salt!-ready meals-Snacks-Marinated, seasoned and breaded meat (also non-meat sausage, sausage, hamburgers, Bacon)-sauerkraut-Pickles-fish fingers-canned fish-Shrimp-seasonings (soy sauce, ketchup, soy sauce, bouillon cubes etc.) high blood pressure: what I eat? -sea salt-Drop


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