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Carrey (Bruce Almighty, Liar Liar) plays the role of dopey Carl Allen, a banker who has just separated from his wife Stephanie and spends his evenings looking movie on the couch. He has a dead-end job and want to see his little friends. When he his friend Nick of high school encounter, gives Carl  DVD: Yes Man like him on for a self-help course that is based on a simple idea: say ‘ ‘ to Yes he wants to learn everything!   Or Korean? Yes! If he wants to take flying lessons? Yes! If he wants to fight with some boxing champion? Yes!Carl discovers the magical power of the word ‘ ‘ and his predictable life is Yes o  DVD: Yes Man p are turned upside down: he gets an unexpected promotion, he helps the homeless, go cozy drink with his friends, bungeejumpt from a bridge and even has a new girlfriend. But soon discovered, however, that his attitude to life Carl is not always convenient and that   ‘ ‘ say Yes also to woe can lead …Not only Jim Carrey provides the comic relief in this comedy for his Australian boss, also Norman who are totally fan of dress and Harry Potter-marathons. In addition, there still Carls new love interest in a women’s strap-Allison, who with the most strange songs-sing without an audience and create unsafe the city on its fast scooter. DVD: Yes Man the name Jim Carrey attracts people to the cinema who come for his flat jokes and to let the cash register’s ringing: so he wraps adhesive tape around his head, falls flat on his snufferd and just pulls funny faces! For Jim Carrey-lovers (like me), that the predictability and the sometimes what bad jokes take for granted,   is this a smooth and ridiculous movie. Just smile so. Who says there   ‘ ‘ to Yes well no?!

Yes Man Director: Peyton

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