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behind the homepage of Thedanishgirl, which was launched on 1 June, are twenty enthusiastic women. They are young mothers who want to work from home, full-timers who would like to organize their own time, and part-timers who have made their hobby work. All of them have a private online store with a unique signature. Passion Ilse van Asperen (40), mother of three young children, is since a year and a half owner of webshop YourKids. ‘ For me is a hobby YourKids. Although very seriously a hobby where I am working on. ‘ you could say that is born out of necessity YourKids. ‘ I went for my kids looking for affordable, but especially l é uke clothing ‘, according to Ilse. And one thing led to another. Especially girlfriends with a busy life turn out enthusiastic. ‘ After a dinner party at our home, they often briefly up to shop around. By now, I have a national network and is my collection so large that not everything on the site. ‘ style All Web shops that are members of Thedanishgirl have their own style. For example, brightly colored clothes for boys at YourKids you will encounter with Bob the Builder on it. Does the shop stylish, cool designer clothes. É n fun jewelry. Sniffing around in the shops you’ll discover next to diverse styles, and a variety of brands, many surprising extras. from hip hair clips at next to nothing to diaper bags at Roos & Tijn, and-yes-a real rent house in Sweden at dress up doll. And then we have the hebberigmakende bargains. As the STUNT-special deals for Max & Bibi and items from the all-five-euro-Mazzeltjes Department. Service Online shopping still resistance often calls on. one of the common counter-arguments is: ‘ remotely I can not see or feel the products, let alone fit. ‘ good to know that entrepreneurs by Thedanishgirl adhere to the law on distance selling. By clear photos and descriptions, and by you as a customer to give seven working days to change your mind. In that period you can return the products without giving reasons. Likewise you can rest assured that all customer contacts are handled quickly and carefully. See the ladies there are to it. Are you looking for a specific piece of clothing? E é n email to Thedanishgirl and within a day do you know if the product is available at one of the shops. Internet shopping has the future? For children’s clothing is offering it in each case many advantages. So designer clothes via Web shops often cheaper than in normal shops and shop your daytime and evening just as easily. For a child makes it usually doesn’t matter if clothing a year old, or even ever worn. Opportunities to get your child to dress up for a nice sharp More information?

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