Win: Bios Tickets Drag Me To Hell!

Christine Brown is an ambitious welfare official with a dear friend, professor Clay Dalton. Life smiled until the day the mysterious Mrs. Ganush to her desk. Christine refuses to extend its loan application and sends the humiliated old lady away. Can intervene, Mrs Ganush speaks for the security, however, a powerful curse on Christine, who will make her life hell  WIN: Bios tickets Drag Me To Hell! .

hunted by demons and misunderstood by her skeptical friend flight them to a soothsayer. That helps her with an insane plan to lift the curse. But while Christine must go to extremes to be set free, penetrate the evil forces ever deeper to her by …

Drag Me To Hell is to see in Dutch cinemas from 2 July.May some movie tickets for Drag Me To Hell to give away! To have a chance on two cards, you have to

the following question answered correctly.

the contest runs until July 8, 2009. By participating in the giveaway, you automatically sign up for the weekly newsletter from var article_id = 1666; var question = ” Director Sam Raimi was responsible for the film adaptation of a comic strip. The trilogy was that? ” ; var answer1 = ” Batman ” ; var answer2 = ” Spider Man ” ; var answer3 = ” Superman ” ; var answer4 = ” The Hulk ” ;

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