Fine thirst-quencher: tea!

In this coming (and hopefully warm) summer months is tea a good alternative for a coke or Sprite. The warm cup of flavoured water works very thirst-quenching. In addition, an average of 40 mg a cup of tea contains less cafe ï ne than a cup of coffee. Tea also contains many vitamins (such as B1, B2, B3, B5 and C), which is nice for your immune system. To tea are to operate, you can this is the best drink without sugar or milk.   In tea are antioxidants, so after a night of alcohol purifies as a cup of Nice your tired body! Tea is often a cheap drink in the caf é or restaurant, so financial useful during this crisis months. Many advantages so!   and they are there in any taste!  Fine thirst-quencher: tea!

Below my favorite tea flavors:

1. With dot on 1: white tea! White tea is a fairly expensive compared to other tea tea, because the youngest buds of the tea Bush are used. It has a subtle flavor and is golden yellow in color. White tea has a flowery taste often.   my favorite is the white tea with jasmine and orange blossom from the Albert Heijn.

2. Maroc or Moroccan tea. This black tea has a refreshing taste with a sharp edge by the aftertaste of a touch of mint. Lipton Infusion makes a fine Maroc teas, as well as each House brand of the larger supermarkets sell nowadays

a variant of Moroccan tea.

3. Green tea with lemon. Green tea contains 10 times more antioxidants than black tea and is packed with vitamin c. by the twist of lemon does this Green tea very thirst quenching, and tastes not to grass (often the accusation of green tea). Green t  Fine thirst-quencher: tea! hee has become a frequently sold tea taste and in every supermarket and catering facility to obtain.

4. fresh mint tea. Since a few years é s and a hip phenomenon in caf restaurants. In the beginning I had to look a little getting used to it, so ‘ n plant in a cup of hot water. But the fresh and sharp of the coin gives you tea a delicious natural taste! The real diehard drinking’m sec, but with a little sugar or honey to make this tea variant something sweeter. Available in almost every public house or simply to make yourself

with a sprig of fresh mint.

5. And finally, the good old black tea. Often what heavier of taste. Almost every fruit tea is a variant of the black tea. But also Earl Grey or English Tea (the most basic teas) are among the black tea kind. At long draw can get the tea a bitter aftertaste. Try Forrest fruit tea of the PLUS or Blueberry tea of the Albert Heijn.

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