Background: Spirituality at work.

spirituality is in practice often associated with religion and fanaticism. That’s why not everyone instantly enthusiastic responds to this understanding and that applies even more in the corporate work environment. Nevertheless, there on all kinds of layers in society a floor place and more and more people are looking for inspiration. They are trying to bring more quality in their lives and want more come into their own in everything they do. That is also in the work, because the average man spends a great part of his or her life to work. This is expressed by more to act from the heart, from the feel and with passion to perform the work. To this end, it is important that you do work that you like and in a work environment where one open to inspiration.Balance between objectivity and humanity In the book heart in the business by Petra Pronk, says Professor of Business spirituality of Paul de Blot Nijenrode, (84 yr), which has its starting point in the reality Business Spirituality that man is both a physical as a spiritual being. According to him, his body and mind are two sides of the same coin and spirituality is an essential aspect of being human. As he himself nicely says: ” the soul is not all of a sudden turned off at the time that someone at work? ” For him is that there is a spiritual dimension is brought back in business. Or to put it another way: that there be EF ë nt business is done on a spiritual way, with human welfare comes first. It is important to hear the voice of the heart to make the right decisions. Balance between head and heart will then give a healthy balance between objectivity and humanity. Where do you start? But how do you do it? Where do you start? In any event, it is important that you know where your passion lies. What do you like, where you become happy? To find that out, it is necessary to be aware of what’s going on in your lives. To stop and feel what is going on. That is not always easy for many people, because we have that never learned and we are often distracted by external factors. It is also a matter of expertise: do what you are good at. This also applies to organizations: a spirited organization starts from what suits that organization. That will radiate outward and have a positive effect on the environment. In addition, the Organization has an eye for the needs of the employees and will give them space for contemplation, creativity and reflection. They like to feel that they belong somewhere, that listened and that there is room for development. Meditation on the work In the book heart in the business, a number of top managers to the word, which have brought in their own way spirituality in their organization. Qasem Smits, Director of CNV public good, has some years ago introduced as ge ï fixed meditation start to the day. When she suggested, was that they initially declared for crazy, but now there’s a private meditation centre where every day meditations take place. She was going to be looking for scientific evidence for the usefulness of meditation on the health and found a lot of material. Meditation is for her and practical tool to go back to your own source and recharge. It teaches people to look at themselves and the world in a different way, with more confidence. Despite the soft image of meditation, more and more organizations with it under way and with good result. Socially involved This time of reflection is expressed in many ways: old systems break off and there is more attention to society and our role in it. Also companies are beginning to realize that more and more and begin to feel jointly responsible for the society. Corporate social responsibility is huge in attendance and even the most commercial companies ë le go there in with it. It remains to be seen if that is because they are picking up the trend and hence their company profile, or even better from real engagement. However, the effects will be their impact on the cre ë a better world. Making sense gives more satisfaction than money. The man is and that is a natural development. Background: Spirituality at work. heart for the zaakPetra Pan

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