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it is Monday 15 June around half ten in the morning. An early date for a press day. Not only for journalists, but also for the actors, they all let there little of brands. Both Josh Duhamel as Tyrese Gibson and Ramon Rodriguez are excited and all set for their interviews with the Dutch press. Ramon RodriguezV  Interview:  ear the Porto Rican New Yorker Ramon Rodriguez-that Leo plays in the film-it’s his first major role. ” I was so happy when I was a giant role in a big movie got. There was going to be a very weird audition to advance. I had to almost an hour long in the Office of Director Michael Bay running, jumping and diving. It was really the strangest audition I had ever done! When I finally got the role, I was overjoyed. I see this as a stepping stone to the roles that I would like to do in the future: mainly character roles in small films. As a Latino actor, I would also like to set an example to the Latino community in America. Who are always happy whenever ‘ ‘ one of them makes it all the way in Hollywood. ”

Josh DuhamelDe handsome Josh Duhamel is all that more famous than his colleague. For his role in the tv series Las Vegas é n as a partner of none other than Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. What she found that Josh in the movie acts next to one of the most beautiful women of Hollywood by now: Megan Fox? ” Fortunately, she has no jealous wife Fergie no problems with it as I do with great players kiss. They can sometimes even be a bit excited, haha. I’m glad they’re so  jpeg 1_150. Interview:  reacts with my previous girlfriends, because that’s not always been the case, ” says the actor that is visible is critical of his role in the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. ” A role as this allows me to develop as an actor be able also to me then what to do smaller movies, where I get more satisfaction out of. ” Josh has had a lot of fun on the set of the movie, where especially the atmosphere between the actors themselves was fun. ” I especially laughed a lot with Tyrese (Gibson, ed.), which is really z ó funny. In particular, I had to laugh when he had a collision with the rather irascible Director Michael Bay. Tyrese is very busy and was like a kid in a toy store on the set. ”

Tyrese GibsonDe tough Tyrese was a child was already a big Transformers fan. ” I always looked to Transformers. Optimus Prime was a kind of father figure for me. That was because I had no father at home that I could see as my role model. That I now stand eye to eye with him is something incredible for me. I even let the Autobot logo on my arm tattoo ë ren! ” Tyrese let see the tattoo a proud  Interview:  covered much of his forearm. Director Michael Bay was less happy with his tattoo. ” He found that do not fit in the movie. Too bad, because I could not just let’m get away, ” said the actor, who with the exception of the film also operates as an R & B singer. ” I now travel around the world with Transformers, which I find totally amazing. But except for the movie I can now also advertise for my music. Yesterday we were still in the Jimmy Woo in Amsterdam and since I have really a clip included. The song is Mayhem: Take Me Away remix. I had my own HD camera with me and I have made recordings on the spot. What was the public excited! Totally crazy! ”

 Interview:  The three actors look back with pleasure on the movie Transformers: Revenge Of the Fallen. Josh: ” there is for everyone w á t in, but it’s mainly the men who are completely devoted to the giant robots. Tyrese: ” I don’t have a big role in the movie, but I think that is no problem. What I really like is that I am the only African American in the film and a lot of black kids will identify with me. ” Ramon: ” I thought it was great to also in Egypt and to   It was ë Jordani   filming. quite an experience and I didn’t know what I was experiencing! ”

the movie Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

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