DVD: Room Eleven-Live in Carré

Who once at a concert of Room Eleven has been, agrees that the five band members know what they are doing. Singer Janne always looks stunning in her separate outfits, her voice knows many a person goose bumps on the arms and the other band members give these sounds with their musical instruments an extra dimension. A performance of Room Eleven is a real must see, where you often wonder if they really come from Netherlands. Fortunately the fans now as often as they want to enjoy the band, because they have, for the first time in their eight-year existence, a live-dvd released.

to close their five-man band was the theatre tour on March 23, 2009 on the stage of the Amsterdam Theatre Carr é. Both songs from their first album were performed as two, often in a slightly different twist than the cd’s that we are used to. Janne know the seated audience to impress with her voice, charm and appearance itself. The concert bore no time and is perhaps even better than the recordings that we know of Six White Russians and a Pink Pussycat and Mmm … Gumbo? But for those who prefer only the music wants to hear (or just can’t choose) is there  DVD: Room Eleven-Live in Carré next to the dvd itself also a live cd in the

case. ‘ ‘

the only downside is that besides the concert little extra’s on it: only a ten-minute backstage interview is on the disc to find. If you should wish to make use of your internet connection, because on the members-only page of their website is more. But actually it is more than worth the money alone action. Live in 0602527038797Prijs

é Room ElevenEAN: Carr: 23.99

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