Dinand Woesthoff mad at Party!

Dinand has itself lost in 2004 to cancer his wife Guusje Nederhorst, so he knows better than anyone that there may be spotted with a subject like cancer does not. When he saw the picture of Sylvie van der Vaart, he was blazing. He so late in a column on the Hyves-  know

Kane page: ” this week shows off the cover of Party with an edited picture of Sylvie van der Vaart. Alive, that yet though. And bald too. With probably behind a cheering editor-in-Chief, champagne and the hope of more money, more fame and more drama. Maybe you could edit, so they next week Sylvie is already in a coffin is Party? And let the box open. Can you close the week out it still just fine. Edited, that then again though. Oh yeah, and lots of positive energy and get well desired of course! What bottoming. ”

He still writes in his

Away message: ” I wish you all the best family Van der Vaart. And a very long happy life. Don’t let the bastards grind you down! ”

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