\ ‘ \ ‘ Party apologizes

the picture took care of incredible uproar in our country, no one had a good word for over. Even Kane-singer Dinand spent there attention to in his blog. Sylvie itself was also in shock, according to her lawyer and spokesman, Robert G. The excuses of Party   did not come voluntarily, he says: ” I have Party sent a letter in which I announced steps. That could prevent the sheet by meeting the conditions. They do so, then it is the end for us. ”

now so a press release sent out in which Party acknowledges that they have crossed a border and feel that they have made serious infringement on the private life of é Sylvie. They realize that this has been unnecessarily hurtful.

to compensate and at the express request of Sylvie will donate a sum of 5,000 euros to Party Pink Ribbon, the organization dedicated to raising awareness of risk’s breast cancer. In addition, prints the journal this week on the cover the text ‘ Sylvie, our sincere apologies ‘

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