Valenzuela: dining in the heart of Utrecht

The map is special and also takes into account the ‘ ‘ small eaters among us, or with people who just like to be able to taste many different flavors. But would you like ordinary ‘ ‘ normal servings, then you choose just for

à la carte.

the people who serve at Van Buuren and cooking, have fun in their work. The bartender is always cheerful, always friendly and fast and the control the chef knows what he’s doing. The dishes are really tasty. There where I in different eateries in Utrecht often flaccid fries, salmon and vegetable burnt, I get presented with the doorgekookte cook at Van Buuren never been on a culinary error may catch. Whether you’re a beef Carpaccio with Basil mayonnaise, parmesan flakes and place an order for kapperappeltjes è me é e with Frangelico cr howler burned sugar and red fruit … Van Buuren not to shirk. It is tasty and affordable.    Valenzuela: dining in the heart of Utrecht Valenzuela is also easy to reach. Friends or girlfriends who are not from Utrecht from Utrecht CS in seconds at this cozy restaurant. It is a few steps from the main train station.

in short: food in Utrecht, goes to Van Buuren. Remember to make a reservation. The restaurant has this review not needed: it is already completely full daily!

163511 UtrechtTel

Van Buuren BJ drieharingstraat: 030-


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