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? ” Like! I am Daniel Merriweather, 27 years old and come from Melbourne, Australia ë. Since I by Mark Ronson, the great man behind stars like Amy Winehouse and Adele, was discovered, I moved to New York for an international carri è re. That is going to be really really really good! My first album is called Love & War and I am very very proud of it. ” Tell us a bit about your time in Australia ë? How do you look back there? ” I look there with a very good feeling on back. It was a wonderful place to grow up. I lived with my family in a small village, close to the railway and on a half uu  Interview: Daniel Merriweather! r of the Australian rainforest. As a small boy I was always to be found. I climbed into trees and discovered the nature in all its splendour. And better place to grow up had I’m not possibly wish for. ”

When is your interest in music come about? ” Very very early actually. I was a year or 10 when I first heard a song by Elvis Presley. That was Blue Suede Shoes, I remember it well. I had never heard of him, but found his voice beautifully. The very first cd that I got was Cooleyhighharmony by Boyz II Men. That album I turned grey and I could sing every song Word for Word. ”

did you already like: that I later also going to do? ” Sure did. I secretly dreamed of a music career, but that of course I could never è re realize if I continued to live in my village. At school I was an absolute disaster and the only thing I had interest in, was music. Luckily I had parents who understood me and me to go after my dream stimulated. ”

, and they did! ” I have finally caught the train to Melbourne to the adventure. There I tried to arrange and myself to as many performances everywhere  Interview: Daniel Merriweather! possible showing people. In the end, I was just about to sign a record deal with an independent record company, when none other than Mark Ronson on the line hung. He wanted to work together with me and so I end up   on the successful 2003 sing Here Comes The Fuzz.


now you have your own album Love & War that just hatched is… ” Yes, and I am proud of it! It is actually from everything: soul, jazz, pop, blues … Mark has me totally released to find exactly the style that suits me. Also I have all songs written. These are all songs about my life of their own. I’m happy with it and got from Mark Ronson even a great compliment! By now, I am also moved to New York, because I can build up a muziekcarri è re better. ”

on your record is a duet with Adele. What was it like working with her? ” I know its been a few years and we are become good friends. It is a beautiful girl with a big heart. She is now a mega star, but that you will never notice. Adele always remains himself and will never walk next to her shoes of conceit. The duet, called Water In A Flame, is also one of the most beautiful songs of my album. Interview: Daniel Merriweather!


you going to do with Amy Winehouse? ” That I would love to like. I also know her for years and she is really a beautiful artist. What a voice and what a talent! Amy and I have had it several times already about to go into the studio together, but that is not yet come. Who knows what the future brings! But now I’m going to enjoy my upcoming gigs and hopefully the success of my first album. I see the future just sunny requirements. ”

Love & WarDaniel

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