Michael dancing in his glass coffin


Michael Gunther von Hagens, the man who caused a stir with his plasticized corpses in the exhibition rperwelten K ö, have asked to his dead body in a dance pose.


according to Gunther is he six months ago by the management of the deceased singer approached. ” We will now see if that call was legitimate, ” let him know. If it is indeed true, he has indicated the treatment free to

want to do.Michael

will be driven to his Neverland estate Thursday morning in a procession of 30 ‘s. a day later, the public can take leave of him. Sunday the King of Pop will be buried in private.

” We’re going to make sure that Michael there looks like a Prince. The details of the funeral will be announced soon. The family is busy with the preparations. It should be a memorable day. Fans should there years later still talk about it, ” let the

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