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Source of the gossip of our Gossip Girl is an elitist priv é-school in the Upper East Side of New York. She and her friends have everything their heart desires, are filthy rich and always run in the latest designer outfits. Parents with a worldly carri è re, money like water and a huge group of friends,   and they have surely the same sores as other teenagers.The story more, more, more, of course, takes place in New York, where just the Carlyle triplets is Already live.  -in their first week they have all three a crushing impression where not everyone is happy with it. Owen Carlyle is BFF with Rhys Sterling.   They sparkle both in the swim team of the school and attract a lot of attention. but how would it   their friendship perish if it turns out that they are both on the same girl fall? Owen has shared the bed with Kelsey, without that he knew that this is the  v Cecily Ziegesar-more, more, more Rhys’s girlfriend is. If he finds out that they hear Rhys, he gets the shock of his life … He chooses for his true love or his best friend? Baby Carlyle is an absolute beauty that with her looks can get anyone they want! Similarly J.P., her current boyfriend. J.p. ‘s ex girlfriend Jacqueline Laurent don’t let this just happen and goes a common map also forging, where Baby’s brother Owen involved.Avery Carlyle is the only one of the three that are not so ‘ n exciting love life has. She yearns for a loved one, but on the é n é way is not as smooth as in her dreams. As well as her girlfriends hair then let you down, she decides to take action…Climax during the annual gala in which there can be provided on the hunks of the swim team for charity, it runs completely out of control. Avery had hoped for a romantic evening with its long-awaited date, but this does not run as they will. Baby gap together with J.P. squeezes, but they stay together? Baby is looking for adventure, J.P. for certainty.Who gets who in this delicious story full of gossip, intrigue and friendship? Who loves é a fan of drama, is of Gossip Girl, this book should absolutely not to be missed! It is a wonderful book. If you have never seen or read Gossip Girl, then this is the time to do so!!

Gossip Girl The Next Generation/meerCecily von ZiegesarISBN: more, more, 00Uitgeverij

9089901124Prijs: 11,

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