My opinion: give Meaning to your life!

Where meaningful work usually show should be a socially responsible course. Paid or voluntary. At making sense is also often thought to producing offspring. Getting children gives meaning to their lives for many people. That new life are proof that you exist. But what if you don’t have children and not those socially responsible course. Would you lead a meaningful life? Nonsense! You can zingeven to your existence in many ways. For that you don’t necessarily have to Excel in that one work, you do no father or mother, but actually to be who you are. Conscious living with all that presents itself. You decide what your life zingeeft. And that you share with others is perhaps the core. Sometimes it’s not as tangible or pronounced. It can also sit in the greetings of a foreign passerby, a smile to the people to your back, standing up for a mileubewust life, animal in need, another a fine feel, consciously enjoy things … you name it! Meaning could also be that you want to lead your life with full love. Maybe we give our life makes sense to our lives by just ‘ happy life ‘. Everything you do, think and radiates, you send in the cosmos, we share with each other and again comes back to you. If that is not making sense is …

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