Theo Maassen vs. Patricia Paay


was the guest of De Wereld Draait Door to have it about her photo’s in Playboy. Table Theo was not to speak about her decision to stand in this magazine at her age: ” well, what do you think of it? I always think but: everyone is getting older and I think the art of ageing especially that you accept that and that you w í

is the age of iron. ”

  diva action with Robert Jensen, in which she shattered the ground very hard, the Adam Curry comedian especially horrible: ” you’re allowed to say it, but then I may also say that I find your a pathetic aandachtsjunk that walk around on this planet for 60 years. ” But the blonde was not up by this comment: ” you’re going on stage and says what you want and I do it that way. ”

the view of Theo about the photo’s of course was not positive: ” a friend of mine is necrophile, I think he would appreciate. ” Sovereign was made that comment   go too far and seized in: ” Theo, this is insulting! You now offers you apologize to! I think it’s a grove note! ” Patricia had no trouble with the bright view of Theo: ” it’s not about him, it comes to me. I enjoy this, because everyone is talking about it! ”


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