Interview: Jacqueline van der Harm about spiritual weight loss.

to our surprise often with even more weight to our bodies than for our umpteenth line attempt. Lifecoach Mustafa writes books about spiritual weight and lose weight and explains how we connect with our bodies by friendship for always getting rid of us overweight. Fortune: ” what we have to do from today é cht is our binding fear and unconditional befriending the only great love that never leave us likes: our body. That is the core of getting a slim line. And not just your body will also be lighter, your head and your entire life. Lighting in the literal and figurative sense is what you achieved when you befriend your body. ” Sounds interesting, and almost too good to be true! How does that friendship than exactly? ” You give your goldfish exactly the appropriate feed, your cat exactly the good can of food and your car just the right fuel. Why do we think then that we can throw everything in our body? If you wrong or bad wood in your fireplace or on your barbecue throws the fire burns poorly or not at all. You throw in there plastic or wet production blocks then the Baird stink and hissing. No energy, no heat, no light. In fact, that happens with our bodies as well. We think to be able to throw all kinds of junk and poison in there and yet exceptionally to function. Not nice! We all recognize the stink and hissing, but also the lack of energy is what splits us if we continue to see our body as a natural companion that all of us must pick up. We go there look, starts the fat on all sides vaal extending, and although our body begins to give subtle signals that the unhappy-in the form of a painful knee, lower back or neck-we close our eyes to the reality and are we really to with our ears flapping as on an evil day gives your best friend threw in the towel. This far and no further. The ingenious device that our body is, is crackling jammed and we are most surprised of all. As the man who neglects his wife for years while she continues to indicate that things have to change. And there is no harm if the Prince knowing if one day the House is empty and his soul mate of yesteryear is gone! It’s that we become aware of how our body works. Put your body on a pedestal. Cherish it, treat it, challenge it. Take your body seriously, give it some ask, shame not to you the confidence of your body. ” How exactly should we tackle this slimming-girlfriend-style? ” Now let’s once and for all clean lines with all the hassle. Of lines are most people over time, only fatter. ” OK é, we do that as of now no more: but then? ” So many people in the age from thirty years, just in the children, with busy job or with both, let everything go their own welfare ó r v ó. D ó ó r é v making partnerships that everything should be themselves. While the truth is that we should put ourselves at number é é n, we want to continue to live our lives at least long and slender. Move every day. And that’s not an extra obligation on your ” To Do ” list, but an important part of your livelihood. This is the time that the rudder still to can, but so many indoor and outdoor-related obligations is usually not. Once in their forties, with many years of indifference or gnawing guilt towards the body, it is even harder to turn the tide. But it can be. Be the devil in yourself infidelity and make friends with your body, which has remained as a faithful dog at you and you probably more frequently by thick than thin has dragged. And do you want to be the star of your fifty and sixty fiere-handles and bump off bumpers, loss or not the courage and w é t é that it can, but remember above all that excess body weight is not in é é n é é and also not in year n year of your body goes off. That you can do your body simply not to. ” Girl friends for life so. How does that work? ” The first step: clean up debris. Everywhere. In the kitchen cabinets, in the bathroom, the make uptas, the wardrobe. But also in obligations at work, in the family and in the field of friendships. Delete, delete, delete is the motto, because a lighter, cleaner place House gives room in your head and space in your head will give you time to you to become aware of the benefits of a lighter body. And before we know we have a short life and we feel lighter super lit! The second step: eat as much natural and unprocessed food. Prescribed menus are no longer needed when we think of where our bodies happy and prospers. And because we are no Saints we also take every day requires us candy ration. Since we, as the third step, our body every day exhausts and move go as nature intended and our body willing, can the mini candies really do any harm. The crazy thing is, however, that after some time the need has completely disappeared. Befriending your body is the best thing that can happen to you both. It makes your body and you happier! Make knowledge with your body, close it in your heart, nourish and cherish it, develop it, touch it. Be proud of your best friend and it shows. To yourself, your body and the world! ” Jacqueline van der Ham holds regular workshops and wrote three books on lighter in your head and body: the lifestyle book ‘ And é cht now! Never overweight! ‘ spirituality, tips to lose weight works inside out lighter to be ‘ and ‘ shape your body and your life! ‘ special offer for the woman to make a good start of 2010 reader: 10% discount on the workshop day Spiritual weight loss and the book Form your body and your life! gift. More information and registration via, This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginContent Filtering, WP-Auto Post

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