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because that hang many of our problems together. Check out what happens when you have a discussion with someone. Your right is almost equal to save your life. Giving up your identity does not mean you have no personality more. It just means that you no longer identifies with your life situation. You have a House, a job, thoughts and emotions. But you’re not them. What you are, is actually already lit, but now even easier to live in today’s world. Because I read that you need to be able to anything because you already are, but I still always try to be sneaky, I walk so to speak as a dog that tries to deal with his own tail. And in giving up that search you should find it. I put the cd by Eckhart Tolle on my mp3 player and walk the long way back along the surf. Eckhart is my guru. I do not believe in gurus but if I believed then he is that for me. The rest of his voice makes me totally relaxed. When he talks about the pain body then I know just that it is true what he says. I know I regularly by my pain body is overpowered. According to Tolle is that a kind of egopatroon which you believe that it’s what you really are. You feel standing up for example, if you all of a sudden very angry, anxious, jealous or insecure. What you should do is bring it immediately in consciousness according to him, seeing, recognizing. Because the pain body and the immediate thought stream that brings, that is what you kept getting out of it now retrieves. Consciousness is the magic word ‘ ‘ here. All you have to do is get every time you will be overcome by a negative or violent emotion, to be aware of that it happens. And I am é n é of the many people on this planet than just prefer something else is going to do. Namely: eating, surfing the Web, shopping, snacking, blame another and so on. This is counter-productive because it supplies eventually just frustration on. I’d really at the time of the negative or violent emotion say: ” O I see it already, it’s the pain body back ” , then the straight away. Tolle says: ” There Is now a problem? ” according to him have problems to do with time. It’s something that in the past was experienced as a problem or you’re worried that it’s going to happen. But seriously, try it today but even if you somewhere about runs to fret. Ask yourself: ” Is there a problem? ” become completely still, put your thoughts stop, concentrate only on what there is now. And ask yourself again: ” There Is now a problem? ” If no thoughts are on what you call your ” problem ” , then there is also no problem. And while I walk along the beach, I then again so a moment my brain just seem to be stopped. I think nothing, I just look. I see the sea, the seagulls, the sand. I feel the cold on my face. I don’t judge on what I see, I don’t think: sea is beautiful. I also think not: the sea is not pretty. And I don’t do it on purpose. Because when I try it says my ego at the same time: just look at me good ” not thinking and not judge ” . And this kind of moments of total silence and acceptance raided me sometimes all of a sudden. But unfortunately not when I try hard. What is the secret of people like Eckhart Tolle and Jeff Foster. That all of a sudden the whole life see through. Maybe I should just patiently wait until it happens to me as well. Why I want it to? Because I sometimes so tired of all my pain bodies. Of those who say: ” I’m so lonely, I hear is not listed, I’m so bad, there is always a partner who better suits me but I have not yet found him alone, all people should do differently, nicer, better do their best, give more to their fellow man, not so angry. ” all that judge myself and others that makes me so tired of. And indeed what Tolle says: when I get to this kind of thought, which is also an instant emotion calls, stop thinking and just am present, then there is no problem. Then I’m no problem, than are others no problem, then the whole life no problem. So that allows me to do from now on, aware, as often as I can. It seems a lot of trouble but it seems that the more you practise, the more it becomes a habit. And that’s my goal; that I’m giving myself a light body of the pain, but also that of others dissolves. If I could contribute to myself and my area then I am sincerely a happy man! www.zensitief.nl

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